Ten Chapters of Tehilim

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Recite 10 chapters of Tehilim for each victim of this cause.

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Recite 10 different chapters of Tehilim for each victim of this cause. When Rebbe Nachman of Breslov first started revealing the TIkkun Haklali he did not yet reveal which were the 10 exact chapters. He just said that any 10 chapters of the Tehilim, whichever they may be are a wondrous rectification since they line up with the 10 types of song of which the Tehilim is composed of and each and ever chapter contains elements of the 10 types of songs. 


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  1. Take a book of Tehilim, have in mind that you are going to recite 10 chapter in merit of the victims of your selected cause and then recite them.
  2. If you are reciting multiple units of 10 chapters of Tehilim at once, try to take break in between each set of 10 and have in mind that you are reciting it in merit of a different victim of this cause.
    It is also fine to upfront have in mind that you will be reciting multiple sets of 10 chapters for multiple victims of this cause.
  3. Each chapter of the 10 chapters needs to be a different chapter and you can not recite the same chapter 10 times in a row.
  4. Preferably you should recite 10 different chapters for each set of 10 you are doing, instead of just reciting the same exact 10 chapters each time you are doing a set of 10. However if you do choose to recite the same exact 10 chapters for each set, it is fine and effective. Best idea is to recite the chapters of Tehilim in consecutive order and to count each 10 as a Tikkun.
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